Mr Bean Trouble in Hair Salon

Trade your love with Mr Bean Trouble in Hair Salon, in this game you will learn how to compete your comparators. The first episode of the original Mr Bean series starring Rowan Atkinson was first broadcast on 1st January 1990. Since then Mr Bean has become known all over the world. Created by Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll, there were only 14 episodes ever made. (more…)

Richard Matt Prison Escape

Richard W. Matt, one of the two convicted murderers who engineered an elaborate escape from New York’s largest prison, was shot and killed on Friday by a federal agent, the authorities said, ending one prong of a three-week manhunt that spread over large stretches of the state’s northern terrain. A team of agents from the federal Customs and Border Protection agency found Mr. Matt in the woods in Malone, N.Y., after he fired a shot at the back of a camping trailer, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said at a news conference. Officers heard him cough as he fled on foot, and a federal agent killed him when Mr. Matt, still armed with a 20-gauge shotgun, refused orders to put up his hands, the authorities said. (more…)

Rainbow Flag

The Rainbow flag, an international symbol of LGBT pride, was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art, in New York, as part of the museum’s design collection last week. The flag was created in 1978 by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker. As he told MoMa in an interview, the idea began to take shape in 1976. Baker was a Vietnam War veteran and a drag queen. It was the year of the United States Bicentennial, and the American flag was inescapable. (more…)

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