International Day of Happiness

This UN International Day of Happiness, it is exciting to see the world mobilizing on behalf of happiness. From government-wide programs to flash mob celebrations, it’s clear that the world has clued into well-being as a basic human right. Sounds good… but what kind of happiness are we talking about? This definition is not about simply seeking pleasure without meaning, nor is happiness just about getting more stuff. Yes, campaigns that focus our mind (and money) on temporary external fixes are everywhere – suggesting that to be accepted, respected and to belong, you need to own the next phone, toy or lipstick. But what if the happiness we seek is right here, right now, in our own hands, hearts, and in the habits we bring into daily life? This kind of happiness is sustainable and starts from the awareness that we are enough, and that we have all the resources we need for happiness already inside of us. There are empowering practices that transcend the boundaries of country, language and economics. On top of relating to people all around the globe, they contribute to our strengths, cost nothing, yet provide riches to all. So here’s an invitation – why not make this International Day of Happiness the start of a 21- day challenge and commit to growing your inner resources so you can enjoy greater well-being? Music by Released under Creative Commons License 3.0.