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  • I’ve been doing the local usergroup circuit with this lately and have been asked to write it up.

    In some ways this is old news, but in other ways…well, I think few realize how absolutely devastating and omnipresent this vulnerability can be. It is an attack vector available in every application I’ve ever seen that takes user input and allows administrators to bulk export to CSV.

    That is just about every application.

    Edit: Credit where due, I’ve been pointed to this article from 2014 by an actual security pro which discusses some of these vectors . And another one .


    So let’s set the scene - imagine a time or ticket tracking app. Users enter their time (or tickets) but cannot view those of other users. A site administrator then comes along and exports entries to a csv file, opening it up in a spreadsheet application. Pretty standard stuff.

    So we all know csv files. Their defining characteristic is that they are simple. These exports might look like this

    Simple enough. Nothing dangerous there. Heck the even states:

    CSV files contain passive text data that should not pose any risks.

    So even by specification, it should all be fine.

    Hey, just for fun let’s try something, let’s modify our CSV file to the following

    Huh…well that’s odd. Even though that cell was quoted it seems to have been interpreted as a formula just because the first character was an = symbol. In fact - in Excel at least - any of the symbols = , - , + , or @ will trigger this behavior causing lots of fun times for adminstrators whose data just doesn’t seem to format correctly (this is actually what brought my attention first to the issue). That’s strange, but not downright dangerous , right?


    Well hold on, a formula is code that executes. So a user can cause code - even if its only formula code - to execute on an administrator’s machine in their user’s security context.

    What if we change our csv file to this then? (Note the Description column on the last line)

    What’s going to happen when we open up in Excel?

    Yup, that’s right, the system calculator opens right on up.

    Now to be fair, there is absolutely a warning . It’s just that the warning is a big block of text, which nobody is going to read. And even if they do, it explicitly recommends:

    Last Days of a Star From Elephant Laboratories

    Sol: Last Days of a Star is a strategic game of solar destruction and salvation for 1–5 players. Play as one of the five worlds orbiting the Sun, diving into the searing plasma to harvest critical energy — energy needed to fuel your escape before the Sun goes supernova. Sol has simple, easy to learn rules, a deep decision space and emergent strategy that unfolds over multiple plays .

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    “The game brims with wonder.”

    Sol is a race against time, carefully balanced with a fresh engine-building mechanic uniquely rooted in mutual benefit and competition. Each game of Sol begins as an open starscape, ripe for emerging interdependent networks and careful planning at every turn: build your energy node so that other players are enticed by its strategic placement; activate an opponent’s foundry when they are low on energy so you capture the bonus; plot a multiple activation of other players’ transmit towers without ever having to build your own. There are countless approaches to explore in Sol: Last Days of a Star.

    Sol: Last Days of a Star.

    Sol has very little luck, but the compounding of simple actions keep the game moving quickly. The high degree of player interaction and the array of Instability Effects allow for a surprisingly customizable vibe to each game.


    Sol’s primary play mode allows for 2–5 players, with a compelling solo play variant. Thirty instability effect cards ensure that every session is unique, and allow fine-tuning the game’s duration, degree of difficulty, and the option to add player-v-player conflict.

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    Players may also choose to explore Sol as a co-op; choose quick start with “vestigial structures” already in place; or add “trigger event” cards for additional solar unpredictability.

    Learn more about gameplay »

    View Images 1 2 3 4 5

    The story behind Sol is a richly-textured utopian future, a time of limitless resources in which war, poverty, and suffering are distant memories…until the sun begins to die. The 32-page Mythos Book, beautifully written by CJ Hallowell, provides a window into the vibrant cultures competing to preserve their way of life in the face of impending solar annihilation.


    The Bar Method Marin is a boutique fitness studio offering barre classes for students of all levels. The signature method uses your own body weight, the ballet barre and a few props to create a transformative workout that results in long, lean sculpted muscles. Not only does it reshape your entire body, but it allows you to channel your inner strength and leave class feeling strong, confident and poised. Highly-trained instructors customize the exercises to ensure they are safe and effective for any age and every body, including modifications for pregnant women and students with injuries. Our staff and community are here to support you from the moment you walk through the door.

    The Bar Method Marin is nestled in beautiful Southern Marin County with two full-sized studios, lockers, childcare and ample complimentary parking. Our schedule is packed with a variety of classes, workshops and community events. We are open 7 days a week.

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    Kate Grove starting teaching at the flagship studio in San Francisco Marina in 2002 and later took on the Teacher Manager and Studio Manager role for the the Marina Studio. While there, she also co-created and produced the Bar Method videos for Bar Online. Now living in Novato with her husband of 16 years and her 8 year old daughter, Kate has found her new home managing and teaching at The Bar Method Marin in Greenbrae. When Kate is not at the studio, she enjoys hanging at the pool, finding the latest shows to binge watch and cooking with her family.

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    We do not have dedicated parking for the studio. There are a few meters located on Fillmore right outside the studio. There is also 2 hour parking located all throughout the Marina. You can find this by heading north on Fillmore. There is a lot at Ft. Mason where Fillmore dead ends.

    Publishing : Once you are ready to expose your uploaded files, you can publish them and make them visible and available to all Bintray users. Files can be published via the Bintray UI, or via the REST API, both as part of the upload , or separately . In some cases, uploading the files publishes them automatically, so you can skip this step.


    You can resolve artifacts from and deploy them to Bintray directly using the Maven client.

    You can configure your Maven settings.xml file to resolve artifacts through Bintray. The example below shows a settings file that is generated by Bintray.

    To deploy artifacts using the Maven client, you first need to declare your Bintray credentials in the settings.xml file using your API key as your password (not your Bintray login password).

    Then, add the the following Distribution Management section to your project’s pom.xml file to tell Maven to deploy into this package using the credentials you configured in the previous step.

    You can resolve artifacts from and deploy them to Bintray directly using Gradle.

    To resolve Maven artifacts from your Maven repository in Bintray use the following snippet in your Gradle configuration:

    To deploy artifacts using Gradle you need to use the Gradle Bintray Plugin. For detailed instructions, please refer to the Gradle Bintray Plugin readme file on GitHub.

    You can download a file directly using the following command:

    To upload a file directly use the following command:

    JCenter is a one-stop-shop for Maven artifacts in Bintray. It is a large, popular, Maven repository that is managed by Bintray and is publicly available to all Bintray users.

    As a Bintray user, you are able to include your public Maven packages in JCenter. As one of the most popular repositories in Bintray, this will expose your packages to many users and make them easier to find. Nevertheless, you retain ownership over your packages and are the only one who may update or modify them, and any changes you make are automatically updated in JCenter. Note that you cannot include any private packages (i.e., those hosted in a private repository) in JCenter because since all packages in JCenter must remain publicly available.

    JFrog Artifactory is also a fully-fledged Maven repository offering some unique features to optimize development with Maven. You can configure a remote repository in JFrog Artifactory to proxy any public Maven repository on Bintray as follows:

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