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After some time and several canvases, many people move onto experimenting with different stitches and embellishments to create texture and dimension. Creative liberties can be taken, and some needlepointers find as much joy in painting canvases as stitching. It’s fascinating to talk with long-time needlepointers about their own evolution in the craft, what they stitch, and the many paths up the needlepointing mountain.

Clementine Hunter designs at the Quarter Stitch.

Step into a shop to get swept up in the matter. Each store has its own stitching style, theories, opinions, and advice; available canvas designs reflect varying demographics, but there are always staples, especially Louisiana’s iconic images: food, music, Mardi Gras, architecture, and symbols (think fleur de lis) by local artists like Jude Designs (who has the exclusive on Tabasco designs), Annie and Co., and Shelia Dial. Typically, walls are plastered top to bottom with stunning, hand-painted canvases, and there are racks filled with skeins of colorful fibers, scissors and other bits and bobs. It’s a bit like being in an art museum with exhibits of past and present to wander through—gawking, laughing, and gasping at all the interesting needlepoint canvases to be stitched and finished. There is old and new. There are people with whom to engage. It’s fun.

And because it is the climate of the time, there is the internet, another rich source for images, social media groups, stitch guides, tutorials, fibers, and of course, a zillion canvases. There’s a lot of information out there, along with a growing group of young designers and stitchers taking a stab at needlepoint, entrepreneurship, and finding tangible entertainment in a digital world. These modern makers are diving into canvases with contemporary style, quips, colors, and creativity, grabbing moments of zen sewing a Warhol-esque image of Tupac or a Bowie-inspired belt, reviving a threatened art through a new lens and adding some humor, leaving everyone in stitches.

The Elegant Needle

6641 Government Street

Baton Rouge, La.

(225) 925-8920

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Stitch and Frame of Acadiana

817 Albertson Parkway, Suite K

Broussard, La.

(337) 330-2636

Stitch and Frame of Acadiana LLC ” on Facebook

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I was experiencing some shedding prior to my treatment. After my 1st treatment (7days), when I removed my head wrap and for the following 3-5 days I was shedding about 2x the amount I was previously. However, I took special notice of where I was shedding. (had been for quite a long time) Today where I was shedding, there is brand new hair growth where previously there hadn’t been. It was noticeable shedding to me. Of course we are constantly assessing and watching our hair (at least I was). Truth be told, I wasn’t going to use HFF. I was going to do restoration surgery. I am SO happy I was turned down by the Dr I went to see. “your hair follicles aren’t healthy or strong enough to get a good result from my procedure, I do not recommend the restoration for you”.

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Donald Obii

Donald Obii

Brilliant testimonial Robert, I appreciate the details of how you apply the product and your raw experience as you progressed through it. Thanks mate!

Hey Jason, and Nubianshun, Yes I did shed, A lot in fact. After speaking with the consultant it is quite normal for it to happen. The hair follicles are rest, so to speak, and the dead, clogged follicles and “old hair” need to be shed in order for the new hair to grow in the follicles. Honestly, I will be starting my 3rd treatment end of this month, March 2017. I have literally noticed my frontal area with new, easily visible hairs growing in!! Even thicker that when I first noticed it after my 1st treatment. Lastly, I grounded my expectations on what I was to expect with my results. 1- it will take time 2- persistent dedication to my healthy and well being (diet, exercise, stress release ect…) and 3- multiple applications over the course of whatever time I am willing to dedicate. I am VERY HAPPY thus far. Just simply seeing the beginnings of my regrowth has given me tremendous faith in myself and these Products. PS. I highly recommend Shaving your head, and I used a cut T-shirt to cover the paste (i used it lil thicker 2nd time around, THEN covered it with gauze to hold it in place) and using all of Dr. Sebi’s products for total health. It will increase your healing and regrowth, overall.

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» How Marijuana Tolerance Builds Up — And How to Bring It Down


The latest research from cannabis neuroscientists uncovers the mechanism behind the tolerance for cannabis, and shows us that it doesn’t take long for the brain to return to complete normalcy.

A recently published study authored by Deepak Cyril D’Souza et al, a cool nike air max designs free
from the Yale School of Medicine, has uncovered how a tolerance to cannabis happens, and roughly how long it takes for it to return to a normal level. This latest piece of research was a collaboration project between prestigious organization such as the Schizophrenia and Neuropharmacology Research Group of the Connecticut Healthcare System, Yale University School of Medicine, the New York University Langone Medical Center and the Harvard Medical School Massachusetts General Hospital.

The age-old problem with cannabis requires people to smoke or dab more after the first time. Unlike opiates, overdosing on cannabis is difficult and THC does not become toxic until it reaches incredibly high levels in the body, equivalent to eating pounds and pounds of pure active ingredient in one sitting. Though a smoker might need to consume successively consume more cannabis as time goes on, it does not spiral out of control; someone could smoke the same amount of weed everyday for their entire life and still get high.

The experiment used males of ages 18-35 that were “cannabis dependent” according to the nike free run 2 mens white
. They used positron emission tomography (a PET scan) to observe a radiotracer ligand for cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB 1 ), the receptor in our brains triggered by THC in cannabis to induce its psychoactive effects. The PET was able to see where exactly CB 1 receptors are located in the brain and how densely distributed they were throughout each section.

What did the experiment find? “In chronic moderate daily cannabis smokers, CB1R availability is decreased in most brain regions. Significant CB1R upregulation begins within 2 days of abstinence and continues over 4 weeks.” In other words, a cannabis smoker has less CB 1 receptors in their brain than non-smokers do, but they start to bounce back after just two days of abstinence, and return to almost normal levels after four weeks of abstinence. The fact that CB 1 receptors did not fully bounce back after four weeks the authors attributed to their small sample size that might not have adequately assessed the initial levels of CB 1 before they stopped smoking.

(Extra bonus score: sampled chirps from 1992 RPG game Ultima 7: The Black Gate – as if this weren’t enough of a nerd singularity already.)

The basic notion is that the keyboard and display – with nothing else – were the best entry point into algorithmic sequencing and musical composition.

I’ll be honest, I’m surprised to see “computer” has so often become a bad word in certain circles. This is a topic for another post. Let’s at least say that “computer” with a small ‘c’ can mean any number of computational devices – including those with very narrow purpose. The criticism seems to center on “Computer” as the general purpose item. The broad scope of, say, a MacBook is both what attracts and repels – depending on your point of view.

Regardless, even as coding interface, there is a limited language to learn. A fixed command set works in tandem with the control voltage outs. You can use variables, but this isn’t Csound in your modular (that’s been done elsewhere, naturally). It’s more that the display/keyboard combo seemed a nice way of creating flexible controls economically.

There is a huge, and very sensible, thread on the monome forum. Don’t be scared of “forum” — the monome community is friendly enough that the entire conversation makes a nice read. monome have cultivated a thoughtful crowd:

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teletype is an “algorithmic ecosystem” for US$480 including a nice keyboard. walk, with two included footswitches, is $140. Both ship middle of this month, with documentation trickling out.

Brian also gives a shout out to Whimsical Raps , the select modules that make up the entirety of the system in the video. He tells CDM,

“trent is looking way past spartan building blocks (filters and oscillators) to make exceptionally musical instruments, by thoughtfully considering where controls should be and features combined for usability. they’re remarkably full, not instantly making you realize you need to go buy more modules to have something playable.”

And that’s clearly at the heart of Brian’s module here, too. It’s not about an endless stream of uni-tasking boxes to bolt together. It’s about finding a single generative instrument in its simplest possible form. (That’s not really to criticize other modules – I think there’s simply a difference in approach.)

I have to admire the results, really irrespective of whether I would personally use them. Brian has created something that is really unlike any other particular module – or particular software/computer combination.

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